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Testimonials For Tots on the Spot

Emily Harlow-Curtis - Chaplain's wife and mother using our services, Ft. Carson, CO "My name is Emily. My husband is a chaplain doing the Strong Bonds event at Inverness in Englewood. I just wanted to let you know how much we love your program and we love your ladies. They did such an amazing job last week and we were so excited that they are the group we got again for this week. They do such an amazing job with the kids and they are so sweet and they are so well prepared. They’re the best child care we have ever worked with and I just wanted to call you and tell you how awesome they are and how much we appreciate you guys and we are excited we have them again this week. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have them again in the future too. So I hope you guys have a great weekend and again I was simply calling to tell you how much we like working with you guys and how great your ladies are! Sean Nickel - Glen Eyrie Resort, Colorado Springs, CO "From everything everybody's told me you guys do hands down the best job of any child care company that's ever been here!" Janet M. Larson - Family Readiness Support Assistant, Minnesota National Guard "Feedback on the daycare this morning is extremely positive! As some parents explained to me, their child (about 3 years old) had so much fun that he didn't want to go home and then slept all the way home (couple hour drive) and an 11 hours that night. They are very complimentary of your work! I also spoke with the little guy and he was excited about all of his new friends. Just thought you'd like to know! Have a great day!" Leigh James, Mother of the Bride “How wonderful it was having ya'll taking care of our precious little ones. I heard nothing but rave reviews!!” Becky Malone, mother who used TOTS “I can't believe how much my son talked about HIS big event after being in your care. You really made his day, and mine!” Lidia Harper, mother who used TOTS “Again thank you so much for such wonderful care of our babies. I have heard from everyone of the parents saying how pleased they were with your service. I will be telling everyone about Tots on the Spot!!!" Tami Stoker,mother who used TOTS "They had a safe and welcoming environment prepared for the children that offered a variety of activities and working centers." Boulder Scientific Company - Mary K. Poll, Holiday Party Coordinator: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job you did providing childcare during our holiday party on December 13, 2008. As you’re aware, the number of registered children almost doubled from our 2007 holiday party. I received very positive feedback from the employees that took advantage of your service. Despite having a diverse age group of children, you and the other caregivers provided a variety of activities that seemed to please everyone. One employee shared with me that his three children (ages 7, 9 and 12) were excited when they heard that your service was being offered again. In fact, the children unanimously voted in favor of attending the party in lieu of an at-home babysitter. As a parent myself, I know finding childcare during the holiday season can be quite difficult, and that is why your service is so valuable. It has been a pleasure working with you the past two years and I certainly look forward to utilizing your service again in 2009.” Carrie Stadtmueller - Wedding Guest and mother: “I was fortunate to see Sara “in-action” on her first venture when her business, Tots on the Spot, provided child care for a wedding we attended at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch. She demonstrated a high degree of knowledge of working with children from a variety of backgrounds and ages. She was extremely organized. She had a safe and welcoming environment prepared for the children that offered a variety of activities and working centers. She had a staff of competent child care helpers assisting her throughout the evening. Her planning and organization assured me, as a parent, that the adult to child ratio was appropriate, and that my son was safe. Her attention to detail was great, her record keeping thorough, and she took time to personally meet with all the parents who used her services.... I would strongly recommend Sara and her services for your event and child care needs. Her work with our most precious treasures, our children, is some of the best I’ve seen, and I know my son, Gabriel, would agree.” M. Kopp - Event Planner: “I have heard nothing but GREAT reviews from everyone that took advantage of your service. From all accounts, it sounds like the children really enjoyed you, the other caregivers, and the various activities you provided. I would say offering childcare on the evening of the holiday party was a hit! It really was a pleasure working with you, and your service exceeded all of my expectations. You did a fantastic job making the childcare room very inviting with all of your holiday decorations. I look forward to working you in the future.”
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